Using a Nuke RE: French Carrier

John Hall
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 09:49:22 -0700

The US spends significantly less as a percentage of its GNP on the
military than it did before 1941.  We are spending half, as a
percentage, of what we did during Reagan.  We are spending a third, as a
percentage, of what we did during Eisenhower.

The military won't bankrupt the US anytime soon.  As Paul Kennedy
pointed out, far from suffering 'imperial over reach' we are dominating
the planet on the cheap.

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> Byrne
> It seems to me that the whole argument seems redundant - the lesson of
> cold war is clear - if you want to defeat a superpower, you play on
> fears of insecurity in order to balloon their defense budget to the
> where it bankrupts their civilian economy. Every extra CVBG the US
> is, at this point, a plus for their enemies.