Win a chance to help DIRECT a XXX movie !

Adult Contests
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:06:51

<h2>With every DVD purchase, win a chance to be on the  movie set as Director's Assistant</h2><P>
You can be the one who gets a chance to work with famous adult director, Ren Savant - <b>and meet your favorite Porn Stars</b><P>
<b>More than 1 Winner will be chosen</b> - The more DVDs you buy, the greater your chances<P>
To qualify click on the link below, and start choosing your Adult DVDs:<P>

<a href ="">

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<a href ="">CLICK HERE to get your DVDs and your chance to be Assistant Director on a movie set</a><P>.<P>

Every purchase through the links above will enter the buyer into the contest for a chance to be Ren Savant's assistant director for an upcoming movie.<br>
Winners will be notified by email/mailing address.  Contest ends after first 10,000 DVD sales.

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