French Carrier

Owen Byrne
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 18:12:29 -0300

In the never ending cycle of defensive weapons vs. offensive weapons,
Napoleon was the high point of the offensive  cycle (perhaps slightly past
its prime) that ended with rifled weapons and machine guns. Napoleon's
overwhelming use of force is the direct precursor of blitzkrieg.

He was an innovator and a key contributor to modern warfare, for better or

Plus winning a war is like marriage - its great but its too peaceful for too
damn long. Napoleon was masterful in a losing effort with very limited
resources in 1813 and 1814.


> On Fri, 2002-04-26 at 16:14, Owen Byrne wrote:
> > But I had to pick one guy from history for my team when the time comes
> > Global Nuclear Desert Storm, it'd be him.
> Dunno... I'm thinking more Scipio- when he marched on Carthage, he
> actually /won/. Napoleon in Moscow, not so much.:) And Napoleon's
> tactics tended to involve overwhelming use of force without regard for
> his own casualties; not so much a great solution in the nuclear era.
> Luis