French Carrier

Owen Byrne
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 18:29:27 -0300

Always a big Rommel fan, but somehow I feel that his record has also largely
been inflated by shameless self-promotion as well as the fact that he was
facing the Americans in 1944 (a "big market" front).
Everywhere you saw Rommel until he was exiled to North Africa, you saw Heinz
Guderian 20 miles ahead of him, until the latter's career was ground into
Russian dust.

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> On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Owen Byrne wrote:
> --]As far as shameless self-promotion, I think the US military is high in
> --]rankings
> Yep, the US military has a good stable of spin doctors. Thing is when push
> comes to shove, given the proper poltical setting, it can be backed up
> enough to make the point.
> --]But I had to pick one guy from history for my team when the time comes
> --]Global Nuclear Desert Storm, it'd be him.
> Nappy was ok, but if you go back and playthourgh some f the bigger
> battles, you will see where he breaks down. In short, no pun, Napy has
> Centralized Syndrome. If it didnt come down form Napy it wasnt an order.
> Now if you want to talk about some cool battlefiled generals...Rommel
> rocketh very heavily. If he had a better infrastructure to work under he
> would have gotten much further than he did.
> I dont know who I would pick if I had just one to pick, but witht he
> exception of Napy the french have little to offer.