A Brave and Modest Nation

Robert Harley harley@argote.ch
Sat, 27 Apr 2002 15:29:03 +0200 (CEST)

Gordon Mohr wrote:
>Q: Is there anything on earth more hilarious than Canadians and Francophiles
>fussing and preening over how wonderful their nations' militaries are?

Who has been fussing and preening?  It's all in your mind, dude.

The (Irish) Canadian and (Irish) Francophile are chatting about stuff,
providing bits and picking nits.  Sorry, we didn't realise that we're
supposed to engage in armchair drum-beating and sabre-rattling about
how wonderful the US Army is to the exclusion of other topics.

Hey, let's put it to the test in a Google Smackdown...

>And the undisputed champion is...
>   1. US Army (1,360,000)
>   2. Royal Canadian Army (3,400)


>And the undisputed champion is...
>   1. US Army (1,440,000)
>   2. Armee de Terre (2,330)


>And the undisputed champion is...
>   1. US Army (1,460,000)
>   2. Irish Defence Forces (1,310)

Dang it.

Clearly the US has the upper hand, all the better to smite medieval
regimes run by semi-literate mullahs with.

>But if you're going to sing those provincial paeans on a world stage, 

FoRK is a world stage?

>you'd best be ready to be confronted with a global sense of proportion.

Who lacks a sense of proportion?  It's all in your mind, dude.

>An example that comes to mind is that scene in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark',
>where an intimidating swordsman with a giant blade and flourishing
>technique is rapidly and casually dispatched by Indy and his pistol.

It's a whip, not a giant blade.  Consider that nit firmly picked.

See ya,

PS: Votes for Le Pen in first rounds of presidential elections, as a
percentage of the total number of voters (including blank votes and

  1988 4 375 894 / 38 128 507 = 11,48 %
  1995 4 570 838 / 39 992 912 = 11,43 %
  2002 4 804 713 / 41 194 689 = 11,66 %

I.e., essentially no progression.  It's the division of the other
parties wot dun it.