A Brave and Modest Nation

Gordon Mohr gojomo@usa.net
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 01:41:50 -0500

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Robert Harley writes:
> Gordon Mohr wrote:
> >Q: Is there anything on earth more hilarious than Canadians and Francophiles
> >fussing and preening over how wonderful their nations' militaries are?
> Who has been fussing and preening?  It's all in your mind, dude.
> The (Irish) Canadian and (Irish) Francophile are chatting about stuff,
> providing bits and picking nits.  Sorry, we didn't realise that we're
> supposed to engage in armchair drum-beating and sabre-rattling about
> how wonderful the US Army is to the exclusion of other topics.

This (Irish) (Canadian) American didn't ask you to stop. I got a kick
out of your quibbles & bits. Please continue, I can't wait to hear which
nation really leads in UN peacekeeping assignments!

(Less sarcastically, I also look forward to hearing about the Charles 
de Gaulle's first decisive action to neutralize a threat to France and 
her allies, whenever and whereever it comes.)

> >But if you're going to sing those provincial paeans on a world stage, 
> FoRK is a world stage?

It sure as hell isn't a domestic Canadian forum!

Doesn't your participation, and that of Canadians, and that of people
in/from Asia, and in/from the southern hemisphere, make this a place
where noone's casual domestic assumptions will go unchallenged?

> >An example that comes to mind is that scene in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark',
> >where an intimidating swordsman with a giant blade and flourishing
> >technique is rapidly and casually dispatched by Indy and his pistol.
> It's a whip, not a giant blade.  Consider that nit firmly picked.

Sorry, you must be thinking of a different scene. In ROTLA, Indy is 
cornered by a swordsman on the streets of some Middle-Eastern-ish
city. The swordsman swings his blade around expertly and menacingly,
but then Indy casually shoots him. No whip is involved.

You can find dozens of accounts of this scene on the web. 

Funny how you confidently jumped in to correct me, yet with 
incorrect information! It does not bode well for your credibility 
as a master nitpicker.

Nitpick, but verify!

Ta ta for now.

- Gordon