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Mon, 29 Apr 2002 06:20:06 -0400

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TODAY'S eTIP(TM): An Army of One

Follow six army recruits all the way through basic training, from
the decision to enlist to graduation. Each new soldier has a
unique story to tell about overcoming fears and meeting goals. [ ] puts you in the shoes of a new
recruit with pictures, video, and interviews that are all part of
the "Army of One" campaign. To see the stories of the
recruits, click the Basic Training link on the home page.


and, from slate's today's papers, Erik Umansky writes: 
The LAT reports on the most intimidating team in baseball.
"Forget Ruth and Gehrig," says the Times. "This team lines up as
a real 'Murderer's Row.' " The players on the San Quentin Giants
are inmates at one of California's highest security prisons. The
team competes against college and senior teams. The paper notes,
"Before entering San Quentin's penned-in lower yard, the teams
were warned that authorities will cut no deals to negotiate for
visiting players' lives should they be taken hostage."