A Brave and Modest Nation

Robert Harley harley@argote.ch
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 13:58:00 +0200 (CEST)

Hopefully my last post on this particular topic...

Gordon Mohr wrote:
>FOURTHLY, to reiterate my initial potshot that started this 
>conflagration, the idea of Canadians and French quibbling over
>peacekeeper mission counts and forwarding boasts about their
>one-off aircraft carriers remains hilarious. 

Maybe its just a problem with email failing to convey tone of voice
and such like.  If we talked face-to-face it would would be clear that
I, for one, am pretty phlegmatic about most things and don't get
worked up about them, or boast about the French military ferchrissakes!

I mentioned the Charles de Gaulle in response to a piece Luis quoted
which said there was nothing comparable to a US carrier task force.
I believe that to be factually incorrect since there is one, hence the
nit-pick, which lead to further discussion.

And maybe you didn't even read the article Owen posted about the
Canadian carrier, but it was a historical piece about a carrier that was 
decommissioned long ago (1970).

As for UN missions, I simply pointed out that Ireland appeared to have
participated in more UN mission than the 39 quoted for Canada.  Maybe
they are being counted differently, I don't know.  In any case such
participation is honourable.  Putting your ass on the line to keep
third parties from killing each other is "a good thing".  E.g., for
decades Ireland had the best part of 1000 personnel in South Lebanon
manning check-points and observer missions, educating people about the
dangers of messing with military debris etc.  NB: Dozens of them were
killed either in action or in mine explosions, helicopter accidents
etc., or by being shot and shelled by Hezbollah and Israeli forces.

Imagine if the US decided to put in a proportionally larger effort and
sent, say, 50000 troops.  Heck, they could even go in between the
Israelis and Palestinians and say: we're going to guarantee such and
such a border between you guys so you might as well stop killing each
other about it because its not going to move any more and that's just
the way it's gonna be.  Of course they probably would never do so for
political reasons etc.

>[Raiders of the Lost Ark]
>Sorry, you must be thinking of a different scene. In ROTLA, Indy is 
>cornered by a swordsman on the streets of some Middle-Eastern-ish city.

You're right, it's Indy who flourished a whip in some other scenes.
Sorry about that.  I guess the hobgoblin who lives under my keyboard
was up to his mischief again... :)

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