A Brave and Modest Nation

Owen J Byrne owen@permafrost.net
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 11:16:50 -0300

All I did was post an article. If at times my responses are
hysterical, I apologize, but suggest that its largely in response to a 
string of postings in this forum that basically suggest the best plan 
for US foreign policy in the future is to bully everyone else into
submission. The phrase "Global Domination on the Cheap" comes to

Unfortunately there's lots of ammunition in the real world if I want to work
myself into hysteria over US militarism. Plans to unilateraly invade
Iraq, the 2 US customs agents standing guard down the street from
me. The plans for big military increases (40% of worldwide military
spending, I believe someone said, and probably a much higher
proportion of total weapon sales). Then we have the "war on drugs."

I posted about Operation Anaconda simply because of rampant claims of
US invincibility, which have continued unchecked anyway. 

I hope I've toned this down, but frankly, some of the stuff on this
list just plain scares me. And makes me believe that Al Qaeda and all
other threats to my personal security and freedom just don't match
that being presented by the United States. 

And it may be a "benevolent" threat, but Canadians know better than
anyone that US economic policy is good old-fashioned mercantilism. The
military might is the final weapon in ensuring that all trade deals
slant the US's way.