must-read for Philip K. Dick fans in Slate

Mon, 29 Apr 2002 10:59:27 -0400 (EDT)


PKD is one of the folks who constantnly amazes me each time I read or
reread thier works.

When I first read them in highschool I loved the questioning of self, the
ways he got into your head to get those midnight fears out in the open
over who and what you are. When I was living on my own in Brooklyn in a
little run down attic apt I was stunned by his depictions of everyday
sqaulor not just of his surounding but of his insides; here was a guy who
knew about living in little run down attic apts. Latter I grasped on to
his views of family, of where love and self fit even even in the midst of
loosing oneself.

Hollywood makes of his films have all left me either cold or wondering why
his name was even put on the credits. Blade Runnner was a stunnign film
but it missed so so so much of the book it was just slightly a PKD work.
Id love to see them try to get the whole religion aspect of the book on
film. Total Recall was such a superfical treatment of the book it was
funny. Screamers I liked for other reasons and thoght it wqas way more PKD
than most of the others. 

I did not see Impostor yet, but rom all reviews it was a bomb as far as
PKD was concerned. 

Im going to have to go see if Movie Madness up here in Portland has Barjo.
This is one I did not know about and seems to have gotten some PKD
favorable reviews.

Folks who would make good PKD filmakers....Terry Gilliam, Darren