US war, libertarianism, FoRK, and voices in opposition

John Hall
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 10:14:40 -0700

A Prince should only break his word when it is to his great advantage.
For this to be effective he needs a reputation for great probity.

Breaking our word and commitment to Israel would not be to our great
advantage.  The likely results are little short of catastrophic.

The Arabs don't hate us because of Israel.  They hate us because 

1) They have reason to hate the British and they see America as the
British Empire under new management and with a new street address.
2) Their societies are utter failures compared to people who were always
supposed to be the barbarians.
3) Our existence is an affront to their view of how the world should be

Retreat doesn't get you brownie points in the mideast.  You get brownie
points by using the guts of your enemies to grease the treads on your

I refer you to the (non) reaction of the Arab world to Huma, Syria.

Bernard Lewis


As for your carping about the religious nature of Israel, I find it a
little like a preacher who wouldn't defend a woman from gang rape
because he had it on good authority that she smoked in private.

> From: [] On Behalf Of
> I agree, some, on your philosophy. But if you're
> going to be Machiavellian, can you then explain what
> US interests are served by blind support for Israel?