US war, libertarianism, FoRK, and voices in opposition

Russell Turpin
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 18:01:51 +0000

John Hall:
>Breaking our word and commitment to Israel would not be to our great 

Just where and when did we promise Israel a continual
spigot on our dollars?!

>The likely results are little short of catastrophic.

You were just explaining that Israel is a modern,
wealthy nation. How, then, would it be so catastrophic
if they had to fund themselves? All US aide to Israel
amounts to 5% of their GDP. Let them raise their income
tax by 5% and tighten their belts.

>The Arabs don't hate us because of Israel.  They hate us because
>1) They have reason to hate the British and they see America as the British 
>Empire under new
>management and with a new street address.
>2) Their societies are utter failures compared to people who were always 
>supposed to be the barbarians.
>3) Our existence is an affront to their view of how the world should be 

It would then be to our advantage if we could make
those things the issue, without allowing our support
for Israel to distract from them.

>Retreat doesn't get you brownie points in the mideast.

I'm not suggesting retreat. I'm happy to make
Afghanistan a US protectorate for the next twenty years.
I'm suggesting we act for our OWN interests, and stop
playing underwriter and international fall-guy for

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