A Brave and Modest Nation

Chuck Murcko chuck@topsail.org
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 15:11:56 -0400

Normandy was a highly political as well as military exercise. Everyone 
including the nations-in-exile, the Dutch, the Poles, the French, the 
Canadians, etc. got a part.

The Allies ran *5* major naval invasions in the Mediterranean alone in 
WW II, and the Americans ran many more in the Pacific. We were going to 
invade Japan ourselves. Remember the 1/2 million casualty estimates for 
that invasion force? Let's have a bit of proportion to all this invasion 
participation stats talk.

I think the US thanks the Canadians all the time. What does the RCAF fly 
for air defense today? I bet they weren't bought at the then-current 
exchange rate.


On Saturday, April 27, 2002, at 10:52 AM, Owen Byrne wrote:

>  Ok, I'll stop once you Americans stop inadvertantly validating the 
> original
> article. There were 5 beaches in Normandy - the Americans landed on 2.
> The French thank the Canadians all the time - every June 6, I think. 
> Maybe
> cause we're polite and unassuming and don't expect other nations to 
> grovel
> at our feet.
>  Owen
>>> Fortunately the US always keeps bailing them out when they get
> themselves
>> in a
>>> jam.  Say what you want now but I suspect seeing McDonald's Golden
> Arches
>> in
>>> Paris is a lot less worse than the swastika.  So, "You're welcome" 
>>> even
>> when
>>> it's so hard to say "Thank you."
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