US war, libertarianism, FoRK, and voices in opposition

John Hall
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 22:31:58 -0700

I'm betting that ragnarok is more likely than civilizing the Arabs.

Further, _trying_ to civilize the Arabs tends to make things worse,
fast.  Our problems aren't with Arab people who don't know the West,
they are with people who do.

Marketization and secularization are known to piss these people off.

So does economic pressure.

International politics, by vote, favors them.

Popular movements in these countries tend not to be our friend either.
Though that sometimes changes after we practice real war on the fanatics
and suddenly people can play music and fly kites again.

> Russell Turpin

> John Hall:
> >Defending Western Civilization from the barbarians
> >is, I believe, in our strategic interests.
> Absolutely. But this isn't going to be some kind
> of ragnarok where we kill a sixth of the world
> population. Like the war against communism, it
> will proceed mostly by converting the enemy, not
> by killing them. Undoubtedly, there will be some
> real war. But this will be against a background
> that pushes for the marketization and secularization
> of the Islamic world, through example, through
> economic pressure, through international politics,
> through popular movements, etc.