Peace Through Trade, Redux: Medieval Iceland and the Absence of Government

Gareth Olds
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 12:09:30 -0900

>The main reason the Vikings moved from Norway to Iceland in the first 
> >place
>was to avoid the feudal relationship between the king and his lords and
>serfs and thus the Icelandic settlers developed a decentralized system >of 

  I thought that a main reason for the colonisation of Iceland was that 
Vikings were (for the most part) pursuing northern Pictish who had since 
fled Orkey, the Faroes, etc.  However, as we see in Australia and N. 
America, the type of people that originally colonise a land is not 
necessarily and indicator of what the society becomes (certainly, we are not 
all criminals or religious purists).

  Time to crack open the Magnus Magnusson books again!

         - Sir Gareth

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