Stephen D. Williams
Wed, 06 Feb 2002 17:39:13 -0500

I have many interests, although for the forseeable future (8-12 years) 
I'm going to be doing or managing IT to be able to support 
kids/house/college/etc.  After my living expenses become a fraction of 
what they are now I am going to have to do some exploring.

My current non-computer hobby is carbon fiber/kevlar epoxy composite 

Getting a law degree might be interesting.  I already am confortable 
with contracts, law, legal language, finance/equity, and many of the 
concepts and underpinning.  Not to mention being a developer at 
Lexis-Nexis for 3 years.  (One place that would fund both IT and Legal 
education.)  You can use a law degree in many more ways than 
'practicing' as a public practice.

Then there is always my fledgling non-profit TechScouts that needs time 
and effort, not to mention funding.


Adam L. Beberg wrote:

>I'm interested in what forkers that have exited the tech industry have gone
>off to do, since tech is toast, and I'm 28 so manditory retirement from
>tech is right around the corner anyway. Not to mention that it's no longer
>pushing my buttons for making peoples lives better and being challenging.
>- Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg

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