Jeff Barr
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 12:01:59 -0800 (PST)

The possibilities are mind-boggling.

Imagine bulk bit delivery -- you queue up some large outbound
transfers, the Fedex truck (or the school bus (or the mailman))
drives by and picks them up. The bits are marked as bulk,
and when the vehicle drives by a place with high bandwidth
it dumps them onto the backbone. End-to-end delivery
confirmation could be achieved by sending a "fast" message
to the other side to warn it of the impending delivery,
and it would message you back if it never arrived.

Something similar would work if you wanted something large
(e.g. the latest Linux distribution) and did not want to
pay $10/GB to your ISP. You issue the request and get it
within, say, 24 hours courtesy of the "bulk bit" system.



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> From: "Jeffrey Kay" <>
>> One of the comments that the presenter made was that if all Ford
> automobiles came equipped
>> with a node, Ford would instantly become the nation's largest ISP.
> I have some friends at WingCast - Ford+Qualcomm - they (the engineers)
> would like to see that happen.
> It's not out of the question. And then OnStar (GM) would do it too...