First annual Google programming contest

Mr. FoRK
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 20:56:52 -0800

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From: "Tom" <>

> Ok, ill give this away cause im swamped with other stuff, and my chops
> just dont cut it for contest code.
> A 6 degress of kevin bacon app
> You put in two names and it links then via kevin bacon.
> OR a simpler task, or harder, forget kevein bacon and just find the
> shortest, or longest, connetivity between two names, movies, books etc.
By 'name' do you mean arbitrary text, or recognizing a persons name?
Recognizing meaningful datatypes might be interesting by itself (person,
place, thing, etc). Connectivity is pretty vague - connected in along what
dimension in what direction?

Unfortunately, I'm too swamped to work on this too - it does sound fun.

BTW - did you see the credit card commercial w/ Kevin Bacon, he verifies his
identity by getting a chain of six people that know him and the