Web Services + P2P = Efficiency: Gartner

Paul Sholtz paul@privacyright.com
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 11:34:39 -0800

I think it's healthy to keep some perspective on the whole
software-as-a-service/Web services thing. 

Bertrand Meyer has an interesting discussion about whether software is
really a product of it its really a service on Software Development:


To me it seems like computing applications that are used for
*communications* break down in terms of "services" - email is a service, Web
is a server, ftp is a service, my phone service is.. yes.. a service. These
are all ways of using computing to "communicate" between different endpoints
on a network. I'm sure Web services will introduce new and interesting ways
to "communicate" between endpoints on a network. 

But there are a number of computing applications that are just never going
to be about communications - anything involved data crunching or scientific
analysis or CAD and so on.. to think that *everything* the enterprise does
is soon going to be done in terms of "service stations" is perhaps a little
unrealistic.. there will always be computing applications that are just
better packaged as "products"..

I think the people pursuing Web services, "Gartner service stations", etc,
would do good to focus on business applications where these new paradigms
could be applied to "communications technologies", as opposed to just trying
to "Napaster-ize" the whole world..

Is corporate file sharing, like what is described in this Gartner report,
really THAT PRESSING a corporate "communications" need that they need a
"service station" to fix their problems??

Just my two cents..

Paul Sholtz
PrivacyRight, Inc. - www.privacyright.com

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> Oh, yeah, Gartner is /way/ ahead of everybody on this...
> I wonder if they paid themselves to produce the report on 
> their findings...
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> http://www.bizreport.com/article.php?art_id=2976&PHPSESSID=d99
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> If applied in the corporate world, technology made famous by music
> file-sharing service Napster could help streamline the flow 
> of data within
> and outside of enterprises, and cut costs, according to new report by
> Gartner Inc.
> The research firm says it has come up with a way to do it and 
> may very well
> patent the idea.