AOL officially blocking Trillian users

Gordon Mohr
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:08:14 -0800

Don't complain to the FCC. AOLTW is completely within its rights --
they've never promised an open system. 

(As far as I'm concerned, the FCC's focus on IM in the AOLTW merger
was absurd -- TW had no IM products, thus the merger had no real
impact on IM consolidation. My informed speculation is that the FCC
was just acting as a proxy for other wealthy corporate interests
acting against AOL -- there was no principle involved, just political

If you want to have a real effect, get your AIM buddies to switch
to other software. Run Trillian & AIM for a while, and keep telling
your AIM buddies they should switch to Trillian and/or YIM/WIM. 
Perhaps, even set up one big day in the future everyone will switch,
so that AOL gets the message that way.

It isn't AOL's job to be generous with the market strength they've
built, and it isn't the government's job to tell them how to run 
their business when they haven't broken any laws or contracts with
their IM system.

It's your job as consumers -- and the job of AOL's competitors -- 
to build a real alternative. 

Your AIM login is not an entitlement.

- Gordon