Media production post-Napsterization

Russell Turpin
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 16:46:47 +0000

Jeffrey Kay:
>Possibilities in the future might be like that -- "indie" publishers 
>producing printed versions of books for
>a small audience that's willing to pay for them.

Yeah. Books are my real concern. And it may be that
most readers won't find the savings from making
their own book justifies doing that over buying a
real "publisher's" edition. If the publishers
streamline their business, that $20 book from
Amazon may become $8, and still put $1.50 into the
author's pocket. Or maybe books will be made locally
by high-end printers in kiosks, lowering the
printing and distribution costs, while still getting
authors their nut. Since I would have to go buy a
ream of paper anyway, I might as well spring the
extra few bucks to get it in a better package. Of
course, good electronic paper throws a monkey wrench
into all of this.

>So -- I've never seen "Malcolm in the Middle" -- is it really that good?

Wally & Beaver meet Joe Bob Briggs with a spoonful of
Traci Lords. It's fun.

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