A professional company providing credit & status report ofChinese company

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Mon, 25 Feb 2002 22:30:08 +0100 (MET)

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On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, T&F wrote:

>            A professional company providing credit
>         & status report of Chinese company.
> Dear Sirs,
>       T&F is a senior investigative corporation providing credit & status=
 report of Chinese companies for global clients.
>       If you are in need of data from China, we are available to provide
> that information on consignment. We are an established authority in the
> field of research and information gathering in China.
>       At the same time, we can also consign investigative missions to you
> when we need data from your country. In this manner we would hope to achi=
> a mutually beneficial arrangement exchanging needed information on a regu=
> basis.
>       Our services include:
>       1/ Credit and status investigations, including:
>          Registration; corporate history; corporate structure; background=
> legal person and executives; financial profiles; banking relationships;
> operating situation; staff; products; facilities; profiles of affiliates;
> and more.
>       2/ professional market research, including:
>          Advertising effectiveness; new product market research; and more=
>       3/ Investment services:
>         Investment feasibility analyses; business partners' credit and
> status reports; agenting for foreign companies; comprehensive inquiry
> services; and more.
>       4/ Information protection:
>         Inquiries on trademark and patent registration in China; knowledg=
> property protection; trademark investigation in cases of trademark
> imitation; more.
>       5/ Information collection:
>         Information about enterprises within China; information collectio=
> on policies, laws, current and historical business trends; and open profi=
> of various enterprises.
>       6/ Legal consultation:
>         All-around legal consultation services for both enterprises and
> individuals.
>       7/ Criminal record searches.
>       T&F has built a large number of stable cooperative relationships wi=
> many governmental departments in China. For example, we have made success=
> arrangements with the Industry & Trade Administrative Bureau of China, Ch=
> Statistics Bureau, China National Economic Information Center, etc.
>      The large investigative network of T&F is made up of many economic
> specialists and professional investigators.
>      We are interested in any opportunity of information exchanging. If o=
> investigative abillities might be of assistance,please contact us.
> Awaiting your reply.
> Address:
> Room 210, Building 2, Chegongzhuang Street No.6;
> Xicheng District, Beijing;
> China.
> Post Code: 100044
> Tel: +86-10-68003112      Fax: +86-10-68001452
> Business E-mail: business1@tangfeng.org ; business2@tangfeng.org
> We are apologize to the inconvenience arisen from this letter to you.  Yo=
ur name will be removed from our database upon request.
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