New Spam twist...

Jeff Barr
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 12:08:23 -0800

I received the following Spam a few days ago:

  Dear Jeff

  Everyday more and more exciting and important information is being
  communicated electronically via the Internet.  In the future,
  Sprint would like to communicate with you via E-mail, and send you
  exciting and "up to date" information on current subject matter,
  new products or services, that Internet users like yourself would
  have an interest in. Sprint is presently seeking your permission for
  the privilege to serve you efficiently and electronically via
  E-Mail ... And you don't have to do a thing.   Thank you!

  If you do not wish to have Sprint contact you via e-mail, please
  reply to this message and type, "REMOVE" within the subject area and
  your name will be deleted from our E-mailing lists immediately.


  Your friends at Sprint

I bet that this is not from Sprint. The reply address goes to a server
at run by a "John Smith". 

However, I suspect a lot of people would think "Oh how nice, I can
surely trust a reputable company like Sprint to remove me from their 
list. I'll just reply and get off of the list." And by doing so get
on another list...

These people are too clever.