Dr. Diablo's Twisted Top 10 Predictions for 2002

Jeff Bone jbone@jump.net
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 19:22:07 -0600

Again Dec. 31, 2001 (El Rancho Diablo, TX)

Trixie!  Damn you, chica, put that strap-on away!  Polish the crystal
ball instead of my nob for a change, you wench!  Fire up the DeLorean,
charge the flux capacitators!  We're going to party like it's 1999, woo

Ahhhhh,  hasish, smoked through bourbon...  was ist dieses, what does my
crystal ball reveal?  Bunny!  Get my specs!

10. QC used to factor 64-bit number
9.   First clone-tech birth using (some) human genes
8.   OBL will not be located, captured, killed by US
7.   Big year for indy music, films:  resurgence of "edgy" music
6.   Segway wildly underperforms revenue expectations
5.   US gov't surveillance virus mishap takes down 10,000s of PCs
4.   Apple gains market share against MS (groan)
3.   Convergence "DECs" crack "internet appliance" market open
2.   P2P Web applications create noise / hype late Q3 through Q4
1.   Terrorist WMD (ABC) attack kills 1000+ in US or Euro

Mumble, mumble...  Couvrez plus de terre.  Soyez plus productif!  Trixie,
more bourbon!  And take off that leather thong, I believe that one
belongs to me, you slut! ;-)