Geek$ in Vega$

Bill Humphries
Tue, 1 Jan 2002 17:20:56 -0800

I just got back from a 'tween Xmas and New Year's trip to Las Vegas. I'd=20=

not gone before (except for transferring planes at the airport), and I =
properly amazed at the simultaneous stupendousness (woah, a ceiling full=20=

of Chihuly glass!) and shabbiness (parts of Caesars are long in the =

I was reading Adam's grumpy assessment of the current situation, and =
did get me thinking: what sort of interesting jobs can geeks find in Las=20=


+ Game design and programming: but I don't think IGT is even located in=20=

+ Attraction design, programming, installation: all those computers and=20=

controllers sinking the H.M.S. Britannia, and running Myster=E9 and O =
after night.
+ Casino Floor Surveillance: high stakes intrusion detection and reverse=20=

social engineering
+ Audit and Forensic Accounting: watching other peoples' money
+ Logistics Person: make things happen for the guest/client/conference

Just a thought to get people's wheels going for the New Year.

-- whump