Three Places Beberg Is Wrong

Karl Anderson
01 Jan 2002 23:46:41 -0800

Jeff Bone <> writes:

> Okay, here're three very general (capability, not application) areas
> off the top of my head that are going to be hugely lucrative in IT
> over the next five, that will continue to drive demand for cycles,
> bits stored, etc. --- and will directly or indirectly transform the
> way we work, play, and interact.

What about the trend for higher level languages (Java, Python for
starters) that aim to either reduce development time/$ or abstract
away problematic development hurdles (memory allocation management,
most shockingly) at the expense of efficiency?

A new wave of apps and OSs that were cheaper or vastly more bug free,
but required much more cycles or memory (that everyone will have
anyway) would be in great demand.

This would of course instantly realize the productivity gains that IT
has failed to deliver as promised years ago, creating a huge and
persistent economic boom, for reals this time, in turn fueling a new
era of innovation...

Ha ha.  In reality, I think we might see a small but significant blip
caused by a partial but significant paradigm shift - but enough of a
blip to make waves and throw off any doomsday predictions.

Karl Anderson