How Moore's law stabbed us in the back

Jeff Bone
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 01:59:48 -0600

> Eirikur's corollary to Moore's law:
> Moore's law is not about technology.  Technology does not drive itself.
> Moore's law is about human behavior.

So I've been struggling with Moore's / Poor's / Metcalfe's for several years
now, trying to understand what they *really* say.  Seems to me it's something
fundamental about systems of value where prior value leads to increased later
value, with accelerating increases --- i.e., "network value chains,"  systems
where the value at t+1 is superlinear to the value at t.  Moore's Law isn't
really about transistors / dollar, or human behavior, or even (strictly)
aggregate global computing power:  it's fundamental to the feedback loop
created, and is an artifact of the network-like process of technology

Anyone aware of general formalizations of this kind of thing?