How Moore's law stabbed us in the back

Jeff Bone
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 17:29:10 -0600

Kragen Sitaker wrote:

> Some noise is not another man's signal.  Some noise is just noise.

Yes, but who the hell are you to say which is which?  As I pointed out in
private e-mail to you, signal v. noise is an entirely subjective assessment on
the part of the receipient.  For example:  that book recommendation (Essentials
of Programming Languages) that I made a few years back that you so liked was
probably total noise to (for instance) Tom Stewart, or Geege, or any of the
non-coders on the list.  Yet it was signal to you.

> FoRK is not about "performance art".  Any kind of crap can be
> justified in the name of performance art.  FoRK is about bits and
> flaming those who post without bits.  You're free to disagree, but
> you'll just be wrong.

Actually, no, you would be wrong --- utterly and precisely wrong.  Let's defer
to the authoritative source.  From the FAQ:

    "According to Rohit...  'FoRK is as much performance art as therapy.'" [1]

It doesn't get any less ambiguous than that.  RTFM.  And may I suggest that
there are several brands of decaf that you might want to try that are just as

> In case it's not clear, I do appreciate your occasional interesting
> contributions, and Adam's and Russ's too.

And hopefully --- though it's becoming less clear --- you're smart enough
understand that "interesting" is a subjective assessment, and barring
IM-to-the-brain or a tedious process of clearing every post with you personally
before I FoRK it there's no way I can guarantee that every post I make will be
interesting to you.  Nor would I care to even if that were possible, as believe
it or not, Kragen, FoRK does not exist simply to feed you bits you find
interesting.  Perhaps you could also stretch your mind a bit and understand that
at least for some of the non-Vulcans on the list "entertaining" is just as
important a component of "interesting" as "informative" can be.