brain picking expedition
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 08:59:58 EST


The following showed up on Dave Farber's list today:
>We've got something like 100 domains, with registration
>dates going back to 1986.  Last week, 13 of them came
>due for renewal.  They sent me 13 separate invoices via
>first-class US mail.
Yesterday I read something in my colleague Stewart Alsop's column in Fortune 
about similar problems at HP--an organization striding boldly into the 21st 
century while one foot is stuck firmly in 19th-century mire. 

And it occurs to me that two or three other such stories (Greg: any recent 
run-ins with Amex?) would/could make for a good and even useful li'l piece: 
Stories of forward looking companies whose back office clerks wear sleeve 
garters, stories of superhigh tech manufacturers who can's track shipments, 
etc etc. 

Can anybody help? (If you want to tell on your employer or a key 
customer/supplier and would like to go not for attribution, no problem>)