Missing posters (was RE: How Moore's law stabbed us in the back)

rudy rouhana webtagz@yahoo.com
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 09:26:33 -0800 (PST)

--- Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.Coar@Golux.Com> wrote:
> Paul Prescod wrote:
> > 
> > ThosStew@aol.com wrote:
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> > > My first computer cost about $4000 and had all of 4, or was
> > > it 8, megs of RAM.
> > 
> > 4 megs? I would have killed for 4 megs of RAM!
> Heh.  *My* first one (all right, it was the school's) was
> a Wang 2200A with a whopping 4K.
> -- 
> #ken	P-)}

Most guys hype how "big" their toys are except when it comes to 2 things...cell
phones and how much memory their first computer had.

Atari 800 - 48k
Then I got the badass ST w/ 1 Meg for $999
Thought I would never need more when I got the Gateway 386DX-20 w/ 4 megs.

Since then, I stopped paying attention, memory is basically free.  Hell, are
the "core" (mem/cpu/mb/drives) stuff is free these days.  My HEATSINK cost more
($60 + shipping from europe) than a lot of the high tech components in my box.

By the way, I think cooling is where it's at.  You get a good design, patent
that sucker, have to asian factory stamp them out to spec for next to nothing,
sell them for $50-$75 a pop with no customer support/warranty issues to speak
off except for the fan.

Advertising...just give a few away to be tested at all the important hardware
sites and your done.  Noise level, form factor and cooling, those are the
metrics.  Maybe, if you really want the big $s, stamp out the same design but
in a less radical color like black and strike an OEM/Workstation-Server type
deal somewhere along the way.

Someone go run with it...


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