The Web Runs on Love, Not Greed

Jeff Bone
Thu, 03 Jan 2002 14:55:34 -0600

I don't know whether this is a positively healthy or a hopelessly
naive outlook.  Maybe both --- we have what we have *because* greed
is a great, constructive motivator...  whether or not the plans were
realistic, a lot of the existing content / functionality came to
exist because people felt that there would be ways to monetize it.

"Wired magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly says that rather than moping
over last year's dot-com debacle, we should rejoice over what we have
-- a Web that features more than three billion public Web pages chock
full of content, which is freely offered as a gift to the world. "As
the Internet continues to expand in volume and diversity, only a
relatively small percent of its total mass will be money-making. The
rest will be created and maintained out of passion, enthusiasm, a
sense of civic obligation, or simply on the faith that it may later
provide some economic use. High-profile portal sites like Yahoo and
AOL will continue to consolidate and demand our attention (and maybe
make some money), while millions of smaller sites and hundreds of
millions of users do the heavy work of creating content that is used
and linked. These will be given away as gifts to the world." (Wall
Street Journal 3 Jan 2002)

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