Thoughts about iWalk

Lucas Gonze
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 17:25:22 -0500

> Why in the world would you want a Palmish UI designed for 160x160
> blown up to an
> apparent much larger size, superimposed on your field of vision?
> Input is the other big constraint.  I've never really understood the
> need for a
> Palm keyboard;  the handheld is a read-mostly device, unless you're actually
> trying to use it as a computer replacement you'll do all your heavy input on
> your desktop PIM.

You clearly have not experienced the Stowaway.  Say you have your PDA in your
coat pocket by default.  If you think you might conceivably want to do some
writing, you slip the folded up keyboard into another pocket.  This works
incredibly well for light writing (letters, proposals, early drafts) and in
short term situations like a train ride or a coffee shop.  Compared to the pain
in the ass of taking a laptop out, finding a plug, and waiting to boot it rules.

Where it doesn't work is that the Palm monitor is then at arms length, where
it's too small and badly lit to read.  The Palm has more than enough power for
writing, all it needs is a better monitor.  ...more than that, it needs an
_optional_ better monitor that fits in a pocket, just like the foldup keyboard.