Thoughts about iWalk

Jeff Bone
Thu, 03 Jan 2002 16:38:15 -0600

Lucas Gonze wrote:

> Where it doesn't work is that the Palm monitor is then at arms length, where
> it's too small and badly lit to read.  The Palm has more than enough power for
> writing, all it needs is a better monitor.  ...more than that, it needs an
> _optional_ better monitor that fits in a pocket, just like the foldup keyboard.

And that's just the relationship at issue.  For text entry, you want a keyboard and
a bigger (not just brigher or higher res) display, and having a bigger monitor makes
the device less useful as a PDA because it limits the portability.  .:, keyboards
and (true) PDAs (sans HUDs and UIs designed for larger viewable areas) are mostly
incompatible, except for the truly dedicated geek. ;-)

Or so it seems to me,


PS - another way to get the desired behavior is just better battery life and
instant-on for laptops.  My next one's going to push the limits on minimal size,
etc. --- I'm thinking the new Sharp sub.  (Anybody have one?  Comments?)