Sinope Summarizer from Carp Technologies

Jeff Bone
Thu, 03 Jan 2002 16:41:33 -0600

Russell Turpin wrote:

> jb writes:
> >Clickfeed had a reasonably useful, first-order, 80/20 solution to
> >summarization ..
> Speaking as the guy who hacked it together, I would say
> it was more like 70/5.

It was one of those world-class hacks, though;  it worked well enough,
enough of the time to be incredibly useful, with pretty minimal effort.
GJ, btw.  One of the all-time best gnarly but incredibly useful hacks,
right up there with with Dan Lyon's <500 character awk-based serial-line
psuedo-POP server from the first Presto!Mail client. :-)

Now stop trolling for compliments, Russell. ;-)