How Moore's law stabbed us in the back [ inflation and the price of humans and things ]

Joseph S. Barrera III
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 15:53:10 -0800

> From: John Hall
> You can rest assured that the trend in the price of atoms has always
> been down, or at least down for western civilization.  Doesn't matter
> whether the atoms involved are wheat or silicon.
> Interstingly enough, however, the trend in the price of human 
> beings is another constant.  It goes up over time.

Maybe that's good. Maybe that means that it becomes more and more
difficult for one human to compel another to do his bidding.

Or maybe we're just fooled by using the same currency for
humans and things. Maybe the price of humans is constant and
it's the drop in the price of things that makes humans seem
more expensive when measured in a currency that's inflation-adjusted
via a standard shopping basket containing both humans (services)
and things.

Or maybe, in its simplest form, you have to give a human more things
nowadays to get them to do the same amount of work. When you think
in terms of barter, the issues of price and inflation dissolve.

- Joe

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