Love Canal

John Hall
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 16:48:52 -0800

I'm not competent to pass on PCB's.  I've been told that dredging the
Hudson for them is a really dumb idea that will be worse for the
Environment _and_ cost gobs of money, but I don't know enough about the
actual effects of PCB's and the actual behavior of Monsanto to comment

The willing participant issue is huge.

However, almost all you have heard about Love Canal is wrong.  Love
Canal was not given to you by a corporation.  It was given to you by the
government.  Particularly the local School Board and to a lesser degree
the city.

Indeed, it is easier to read as a morality tale showing the moral sense
of which a corporation is capable vs. the immoral ignorance and
immorality that a government is capable of than the reverse.

By Eric Zuesse

You're about to be untricked. If you believe that the guilty party in
the Love Canal tragedy is the Hooker Chemicals & Plastics Corporation,
which the Justice Department is suing, rather than the Niagara Falls
Board of Education, which bought the dump from Hooker in 1953; or if you
believe that Michael Brown's famous book that has become the popular
authority on the whole mess, Laying Waste: The Poisoning of America by
Toxic Chemicals, sets out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but
the truth about Love Canal, then you've been snookered. In fact, as I'm
going to show, hardly ever has there been a more blatant example of Big
Brother successfully hiding the skeletons in his closet or of a gullible
investigative reporter and compliant major media going along with the
cover-up so that a bunch of bureaucrats can pass the buck to some
bewildered private interest. The irony is that the target of this
particular smear, Hooker Chemicals, may very well have botched others of
its many chemical dumps, but not Love Canal, the very site that has
brought the company so much adverse publicity and a flood of government
and private lawsuits.

> Behalf Of Joseph S. Barrera III
> Why "almost" worse?
> I would say *definitely* worse.
> And it turns on the "willing participant" issue.
> I had many nightmares when Love Canal happened
> in the late seventies. It's almost enough to turn
> one into an anti-technology anarchist with bombs and such.
> Evil. Who needs the devil when you have men such as these.
> - Joe