PDA form factor

Stephen D. Williams sdw@lig.net
Thu, 03 Jan 2002 23:33:18 -0500

Bill Kearney wrote:

>I'm curious to see how the latest Sharp device comes to grips with these
>issues.  That thumb-keyboard might be quite handy.  Does it get more than 5
>days casual operation before battery change/charge?

With real casual use, it might last 5 days.  I seem to either just use 
it a few times a day or use it a lot for note taking (or playing in the 
Linux shell!) or showing off pictures and videos of my kids or playing 
MP3s.  If you turn off the backlight and turn it off when you don't need 
it, it lasts easily for more than a day.  Long enough for PDA usage.  I 
don't charge it every day like my mobile phone, but I plug it in fairly 
often.  What I need is an extra battery or two.

I use it now with a 160MB Lexar compact flash (normally used in my Nikon 
990).  I did however just order an IBM 1GB Microdrive ($300!) and, 
against my better judgement, a 128MB SD (MMC's only go to 64MB and seem 
to be slower).  Hopefully someone with crack SD so that you can build 
your own Linux kernel without a proprietary, DVD-like licensed module.

I also have a Socket 802.11B CF card coming, but there are no Linux 
drivers yet!  (Found out just after I ordered.)  We'll see what I can 
get working.

>I agree with a comment here about the Palm being a largely read-only device.
>I only very rarely use it for input.  The combination of screwy HWR and poor
>UI layout are to blame.  The latest Handspring with the thumb keyboard might
>be worth trying.
>-Bill Kearney