Monsanto, PCBs and evil

Justin Mason
Fri, 04 Jan 2002 15:41:23 +1100

Tom said:
> Having been around farming folk for a couple of years now and getting Home
> Farmer magazine (a legacy subscription of my father in laws that gets
> forwarded here) I can safely say Monsanto is one of the most evil fucking
> companys around. 
> You think MS is bad? Folks that go on and on about MS should refocus
> themselves to a real freaking problem.

Is there any kind of anti-Monsanto movement among farmers?  From what I've
heard, it does sound like Monsanto are happy to screw their customers
outright -- and look what happens to MS in the computer biz, constant bad
feeling resulting in a wide movement against them.  (Mind you, the margins
are a hell of a lot tighter for farmers.)

Hmm -- wonder if organic veggies are the "open source" of farming? ;)