PayPal, credit cards and mileage plans

Elias Sinderson
Fri, 04 Jan 2002 01:39:57 -0800

I'd watch that addiction buddy, it coud get the best of you yet... 
Personally speaking, I've never had a credit card and think they're 
rather wrong. I certainly couldn't make you a loan at 20%> monthly 
interest without being arrested for loan sharking, so I really don't see 
why companies can. Last I heard the 'average' american (household?) was 
something like $8000 in the hole to the credit card companies. That's a 
scary way to live your life, eh?


Mr. FoRK wrote:

>I've got a credit card that I earn air miles for every dollar spent.
>I'm going to spend a bunch this weekend to buy some furntiture, but the
>furniture store doesn't take credit cards (wackos).
>I don't get air miles for cash advances or balance transfers.
>But... I can pay myself via PayPal and that'll show up as a charge on my
>Does anyone know how else to get money from my credit card to pay a store
>that doesn't take credit cards?