PDA form factor (was: Thoughts about iWalk)

Lucas Gonze lucas@gonze.com
Fri, 4 Jan 2002 11:46:49 -0500

> have you ever seen
> an augmented reality overlay over a night landscape, with guidance
> horizont, graphical ETA, etc? Seeing and talking to people who're on the
> other side of the world, as if they were in the same room with you? This
> is not just a vademecum of functions, this is a new thing entirely.

Total digression here: the possibility of actually seeing that,
Terminator-style, with present day tech just completely blew my mind.  I am
going to go hallucinate in a corner now.

though: I've been watching the wearables world for to see when I can have my
Palm HMD and it's far from happening.  Any idea why something like a text-mode
display on clear glass spectacles/contact lenses and activated without a direct
wire is so hard?  Compared to black magic like nanotech, and given that I know
nothing whatsoever about physical science, it seems trivial.  You figure out how
to change the color or transparency of a thing with a given radio frequency.
You make each pixels one of these things.  You broadcast a weak signal.  You get
fabulously wealthy.

To simplify the problem a little bit: all I want is text mode word processing.
Monochrome is fine, 160x160 is fine.

What's so hard about this?