PayPal, credit cards and mileage plans

Russell Turpin
Fri, 04 Jan 2002 18:10:42 +0000

Rudy Rouhana writes:
>Plus, 2% off EVERYTHING I purchase? ..

OK, Rudy, what card is this? I've looked around a bit
for good rebate cards. Of those without annual fee, the
best flat rate I found gives 1% back. Some, like the
Amex Cash Rebate card, give UP TO 2% back. But you get
that rate only for purchases beyond some amount, and at
my spending level, I would be stuck down in the .25%
and .5% range. Others had a schedule so complex I had
no idea how much rebate I would get. If you've found
one that gives a flat 2% for ALL purchases, spill.
Tell us what it is.

Or at least, tell me, and I'll buy our next round.

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