Windows 2020 Lifestreams and Objectlens's

Gavin Thomas Nicol
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 20:30:10 -0500

> For instance, I am sitting at a keyboard and a mouse which
> are(n't) attached to my SGI O2 (Logitech wireless) with
> my whole virtual desktop environment.  Using Teleffect, I can
> install it on my Mac OS X machine, in the same room, my
> XP machine at my office.  Any time I want to use any of these
> other computers, I want to just drag off the screen to the
> "direction" of that computer and then automatically
> use that one.  

I haven't used Teleffect (No windows NT or SGI boxes ;-)). How does it differ 
from VNC or somesuch?