Sinope Summarizer from Carp Technologies

Stephen D. Williams
Sun, 06 Jan 2002 22:04:51 -0500

Jeff Bone wrote:

>Russell Turpin wrote:
>>jb writes:
>>>Clickfeed had a reasonably useful, first-order, 80/20 solution to
>>>summarization ..
>>Speaking as the guy who hacked it together, I would say
>>it was more like 70/5.
>It was one of those world-class hacks, though;  it worked well enough,
>enough of the time to be incredibly useful, with pretty minimal effort.
>GJ, btw.  One of the all-time best gnarly but incredibly useful hacks,
>right up there with with Dan Lyon's <500 character awk-based serial-line
>psuedo-POP server from the first Presto!Mail client. :-)
>Now stop trolling for compliments, Russell. ;-)

If he really wants compliments, he has to publish the source or at least 
describe the algorithm, or original inspiration for the algorithm. 
 Tuned to non-disclosure filters of course.

You know the best thing about non-disclosure agreements?  They can only 
protect from you reusing or telling about what the party involved was 
using (if not generally known).  What's great is that there's no way to 
prevent you from learning from mistakes and what doesn't work to filter 
future activities.