Competition (was: Corporate transparency)

Russell Turpin
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 03:12:24 +0000

Owen Byrne writes:
>The more appropriate analogy for the united states would be the lions and 
>hyenas signing a Joint Operating Agreement to start a herbivore farm on the 
>Sarangeti Plain and develop quotas for dividing up the wildebeest.

And so lions and hyenas might have done, had they had
the intelligence to do so. (a) I don't know why you
think that somehow counters my comments. (b) My comments
were not social darwinist. Yes, I think there is a form
of darwinism that operates in the business environment
of capitalism. The social darwinists, though, want to
move from that to an attribution of virtue that parallels
individual economic success. And I think that is absurd.
If darwinism operates at the level of businesses,
revealing knowledge that canNOT be obtained otherwise and
beforehand, then there is a large element of pure luck
that determines individual economic success. Most of the
programmers who joined Microsoft in the mid-80s weren't
genius businessmen, nor did Microsoft succeed because of
their unique technical talents. Microsoft succeeded
because of its ability to fill and expand niches, which
niches early on became obvious because of that. Those
programmers were lucky.

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