Ten uses for the next big thing

Bill Kearney wkearney99@hotmail.com
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 19:10:05 -0500

> Ahhhhh, I'd love to have a webbified interface to my voice box. With a big
> DELETE UNHEARD button. Does anybody know of telcos offering somesuch?
> here in Austria none does. Which is a pity.

Sure, ActiveVoice makes one that will interface with their voice mail

I used one for several years.  It really kicked ass.  The licensing cost on
it (per user) made it unreasonably expensive for that particular site.  I
had to keep it sort of secret.  Had other users seen it they'd have damn
near demanded it.  Knowing what budgetary dollars weren't available made it
worth keeping secret.

Of course it was a PC-only application with a *very* well integrated Outlook
add-on.  You could start/stop/play/pause not to just your PC speakers but to
your local telephone as well.  Play would call your extension and the
controls interacted from the PC.  New VM appeared as a message in your
mailbox and could be forwarded.  Moving it to your local storage (off the
VM) would convert to compressed audio files.  It kicked ass.

But that required a local PBX with digital interfaces to a local voice mail
system; read: big bucks.  I'd like to see one for my local telco.  The
security issues are a train wreck, to be sure.  If they couldn't provide me
with direct browseability, I'd at least settle for a way to e-mail the audio
to an external e-mail address.  Something like "press 6 to forward this to
your mailbox".    This shouldn't be that hard to do...

Anyway, like I said, there's great convergence possible with the hardware
that's shipping now.  What seems to be missing is vision and the software
needed to make these things knit together.

-Bill Kearney