Terrorism Re: Corporate transparency

Jeff Bone jbone@jump.net
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 21:14:02 -0600

"S. Alexander Jacobson" wrote:

> It sounds much more like your "lot of people" are
> unhappy with Bush's new found popularity.

What a dittohead comment.  The people that are (rightly) saying Bush is an
idiot *now* are the same ones that were saying he was an idiot 9 months
ago.  The hypocrites are those who went from "idiot" to "strong crisis
leader" in a wave of irrational nationalism.  And the dittoheads just spin,
spin, spin it anyway that's favorable to them.  My position:  he was an
idiot before, and he's still an idiot.

> Do you have a pointer?  Perhaps you are talking
> about Clinton's triple failure to act against Bin
> Laden or about Clinton's decision not to send
> ground troops into the Balkans.

Dittohead alert!  You can always identify a dittohead when they start
talking about Clinton.  Newsflash:  he's not the fucking president
anymore!  I know that's painful, as now you don't have a Satan Incarnate to
pin the world's trouble on, but get over it!

> > The people who were saying that while it was happening -
> > when there was potential to stop it - got smacked down.
> Examples?  Specifics?

Well, DUH!  For starters:  who were we talking about, brainiac?