Some people never give up....

Meltsner, Kenneth
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 10:24:29 -0500

About: The Internet Gopher Server and Client is based on the UMN Gopher/Gopherd 2.3.1 code. Gopher is an Internet technology that predates the Web. It presents information as a virtual network-wide filesystem. Modern browsers such as Konqueror can display gopherspace as if it contained files on your local machine (trees, drag and drop, etc.), but the difference is that each file or folder in that tree may be on a different machine. 

Changes: This is Gopher's 10th anniversary and the first new release in 5 years. The changes in this release include many security fixes and additions, MIME improvements, and ports to modern platforms (Linux, NetBSD, and GNU Hurd), to name a few.