Corporate transparency

Paul Prescod
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 14:31:46 -0800

Russell Turpin wrote:
> That's funny. It seems to me mainstream American media
> still gives Christianity preferential treatment vis-a-vis
> other religions. Here is an example. Even before 9/11,
> the press would label Muslims who committed acts of
> violence for their cause as "Islamic terrorists." 

The terrorists self-identify as people seeking to protect Islam.
Palestinian suicide bombers are not called islamic terrorists because
they self-identify along ethnic, not religious, lines.

> ... In
> contrast, I have never seen the mainstream media label
> abortion clinic bombers as "Christian terrorists."

The abortion clinicians self-identify as pro-lifers. They self-identify
in terms of that particular issue.

> It is true that the mainstream media no longer writes from
> the viewpoint that they and their audience are -- of course!
> -- Christian, as they did when I was young. I think it is
> this change, towards treating Christianity more in the way
> they treat other religions, that really causes Christians
> to think the media bashes them. Their reserved pedestal is
> eroding.

It is the case that it is possible to make fun of Christians for the
same reason that it is possible to make fun of white people and rich
people. People presume that the dominant X "needs to be taken down a

 Paul Prescod