kodak / wireless

Rob Shavell rshavell@mobiusvc.com
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 15:39:27 -0800


i liked your take on wireless protocol wars.  my curiosity is specifically
around the relation of protocols, 'proprietary networks' and carrier
politics as multimedia messaging uptake grows and where the balance of power
will be as people start to realize that being able to wirelessly capture and
send pictures will be a fundamental step in communications capability - not
as much as the mobile phone itself but better than email or *ANY* other
phone + x convergence design.


-sell more handsets (w/more cameras, chips, batteries)
-increases network usage
-sells more storage (in network and in handsets)

is it just the duo of hardware manu's and carriers that benefit from this
though?  why / why not?

>saying the one will kill the other
>is like saying microwave ovens will kill gas stoves.  You'd be
>making more sense to say, maybe, 802.11x will kill PHS.  But
>PHS has already done a pretty good job of killing itself.
>Two, the software (not just the protocols, but also the
>phones themselves) is terrible, yes, but it is not *so*
>terrible that it can't be paved over and have useful stuff
>built on top of it.  I hate to use that annoying "Internet
>routes around X" metaphor, but, yes, the Internet will route
>around it - and is indeed in the process of doing so.  It's
>taking a while, yes, but stuff does, you know.