DIWW was Re: DIY

Wayne Baisley baisley@alumni.rice.edu
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 21:22:38 -0600

> --]So by DIY can we take it to mean that you are the pregnant one,
> --]and that you have somehow either cloned or impregnated yourself?
> --]Or is there someone else involved?
> You are 100$ correct. I humbly appoologies for giving the impression it
> was a solo project. It was a DO It With Wife project for me:)-

C'mon man, put a little effort into it.  You're young and virile 
(enough).  Even old men manage occasionally, at least when faced with 
surgery ...


Hospital Tells Elderly Men They're Pregnant

LONDON (Reuters) - A hospital admitted Thursday it mistakenly sent 
letters to 30 patients, including six elderly men, telling them they 
were pregnant.

They were sent by a computer system that automatically generates letters 
telling patients their operations have been postponed.

"The girl operating the system has simply chosen the wrong option. It's 
human error," a spokeswoman for the Chesterfield and North Derbyshire 
Royal Hospital said.

The computer letters include a "reason" selected by a staff member.

None of the surprised patients turned out to actually be expecting a 
baby, the spokeswoman said.

She said working practices had been changed to ensure the mistake would 
not be repeated. The patients concerned were still on waiting lists and 
would receive their operations as planned.


Preggers?  Why, the idea's repuggers.  I'm indiggers.